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Our determination at JMM Formulation Private Limited is to give high standard Pharma Third Party Manufacturing Company In India . We are certified by GMP-WHO and GLP which makes us proud of our commitment to quality since every product we produce is of the highest quality and safety standards. A combination of cutting-edge production methods and a staff consisting of experts in this field has given us the capability of producing different drugs for use in various treatments. Doing so allows us to cover a larger patient population with various treatment needs.

 we established the JMM Formulation Private Limited as our own manufacturing unit to produce a wide range of beta and non-beta pharmaceutical products. We offer tablets, capsules, dry syrup, dry injections, liquid syrup, veterinary products and softgel in our product portfolio. 

jmm formulation

Our Third Party Manufacturing Rage

Why Choose us

Third Party manufacturing Process

Step 1
Product Selection

Choose a product to manufacture according to the company’s marketing strategies and demand forces.

Step 2
Formulation Development

Create a formula that meets all the required specifications and performance expectations.

Step 3

Sign a contract outlining the terms for manufacturing, costs, timelines, quality standards etc

Step 4

The manufacturer makes products based on agreed upon standards and specifications.

Step 5
Quality Control
jmm formulaions

Conduct intensive quality checks on the product to ensure conformity to various regulatory and quality benchmarks.

Step 6
Packaging and Delivery

This involves packaging of finished products that are then distributed to customers or markets as per need.

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    third party manufacturing in pharma

    Third Party Manufacturing In Pharma

    Third Party Manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry is known as contract manufacturing which refers to the offshoring of product manufacturing by pharmaceutical companies. In this sector, many firms employ it because it is cost effective, scalable and allows them to concentrate on their main areas of specialization such as R&D and marketing.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is manufacturing in pharmaceutical industry called third party?

    Third party manufacturing, also known as contract manufacturing, involves giving the production of pharmaceutical products to another specialized maker which allows firms to concentrate on their key activities such as research, development and marketing while benefiting from the third party manufacturer’s skills.

    What kind of pharmaceuticals does JMM Formulations manufacture?

    JMM Formulations specializes in manufacture and supply of both Beta Lactum and Non-Beta Lactum products. These include: Beta lactam: Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Dry syrups Non- beta lactam: Liquid Syrups, Tablets, Capsules & Hard Gelatin Capsules & Veterinary Products

    How do JMM Formulations maintain high quality standards for its manufactured products?

    To ensure that all the products are of highest quality and safe for use,JMM Formulations follows strict quality control measures as well as regulatory standards.Our dedicated team of quality assurance conducts thorough checks and tests during various production stages to ascertain that all submitted goods meet required safety and high-quality levels

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